About Forrest

Forrest is a customer focussed business that works collaboratively to construct & transform buildings, facilities & infrastructure. We’re structured across four divisions in a way which fully meets our client’s requirements:

  • Construction
  • Housing
  • Refurbishment
  • Energy



This document sets out the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Policy of Herbert T Forrest Ltd, operating as Forrest. It covers all services delivered by Forrest throughout the UK. The Pre-Construction Director has authorised this Policy statement; the Forrest Board is responsible for reviewing and approving its content and the implementation of the same.

Divisional Directors are responsible for taking measures to assist their staff to comply with this Policy. All staff are required to comply with the requirements of this Policy and share responsibility for its implementation. We will review this Policy for suitability at least annually, and communicate to all staff. We will also review it following any changes in BIM legislation or government guidance.

Our Commitment to BIM

Forrest is committed to the implementation of BIM and fully supports collaborative working to achieve effective and efficiently designed, constructed and managed projects.  We will work with clients, designers, the wider project team and any appropriate stakeholders to achieve the benefits of an integrated BIM system.

BIM is an integrated process that results in projects which have been designed and constructed more efficiently and effectively. These buildings can then be maintained more efficiently and effectively too.  BIM fundamentally requires a single information source, accessible by all parties involved in the design and delivery process.  This Common Data Environment (CDE) allows early, accurate and efficient sharing of information between team members working on a collaborative project. The BIM process ensures that information is only generated once and re-used as necessary by others, thus avoiding duplication of effort.

Forrest will provide appropriate software, and training to enable our staff to work efficiently and effectively in a BIM environment. The Company’s BIM Policy Statement forms the cornerstone of our commitment to BIM and the use of technology to improve our service delivery, and is endorsed at the highest level within our organisation.


Mark Nicholson

Forrest, CEO

Last review: January 2018

Next review: March 2019