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Sharing our thoughts on the Industrial Strategy – Featured in BDaily North West

Dr. Daniel Strosnider, business development manager for the energy division at contractor Forrest says –

We welcome an Industrial Strategy that recognises the need for growth across the North and shows the economic potential of the region. We anticipate the funding will help to ensure the region continues to be a leader in Research & Innovation, Trade/Investment and Infrastructure, with a focus on creating jobs and boosting economic prosperity.

‘Delivering affordable energy’ has been highlighted as one of the ten ‘pillars’. As interest in battery storage and decentralised energy grows, we hope the strategy fund plays a role in promoting an innovative and prosperous low carbon society. It is important that sustainability and efficiency are at the heart of the strategy, whereby the funding creates long lasting and viable growth, which will continue to improve lives across the region for decades to come. 


Incorporating energy efficiency into university refurbishment – Building 4 Education Feature

Jon Edgar, bid director at contractor Forrest, outlines what’s driving university refurbishment trends and how energy efficiency can unlock the funding to deliver them.

More and more universities aspire to increase investment in their facilities. Rising fees are creating a more discerning student population, placing a higher value on modern, well-designed teaching facilities and accommodation. Consequently, universities face increasing pressure to make their buildings as appealing as possible.


Energy in the care sector – Caring Times Feature

Dr. Daniel Strosnider, business development manager for the energy division at contractor Forrest, says how renewable energy solutions can save money for the care sector.

Changing market conditions and volatility in the energy sector are currently affecting the operational costs of all organisations, both private and public. For those that use a consistently high level of energy, including care facility providers, the pain can be even more acute – particularly given strained budgets.


Adapting to a Changing Landscape

The UK construction industry could be facing its most challenging period since the financial crisis, as the national housing market is forced to adapt to influential events both at home and abroad.

Domestically the gradual emergence from recession, coupled with the impact of continuing austerity measures, is placing increasing strain on project delivery – while further afield, economic volatility in Eastern Europe and Asia threatens to stifle crucial investment.


Where there’s a skill there’s a way – Construction News Feature

Paul Rigby, head of people at contractor Forrest, explains the business’s new approach to training and skills development.

Like most businesses in the sector, developing our own talent has become more crucial than ever. Not only is there a deficit in the number of professionals in construction, the level of skill each professional needs is increasing as work becomes more varied and new technology more prevalent.

Construction’s changing nature means that learning and development strategies need to be more dynamic. It doesn’t always make sense for contractors to have an annual appraisal process in place – as this can lead to situations where the view of skills across the business is months out of date and incredibly unbalanced.


The Biomass Debate – reFURB Feature

Doctor Daniel Strosnider, business development manager for the energy division at contractor Forrest, discusses the role of renewable energy in futureproofing social housing stock

According to the Government’s most recent estimate, there are four million social and affordable rented properties owned by housing associations and other local authority bodies in England.


Tackling the Skills Shortage – North West Business Insider Feature

Paul Rigby, head of people services at contractor Forrest, explains how the ongoing skills shortage has changed the culture around learning and development.

“Given the ongoing skills shortage, developing our own talent is crucial and we wanted to find a more flexible way of doing this. The changing nature of the construction sector means that learning and development strategies in the industry need to be more dynamic.


Solar isn’t over – Construction News Feature

Paul McCarren, energy services director at contractor Forrest, explains why there’s light at the end of the tunnel for the UK’s domestic solar market.

“It’s easy to see why many in the sector haven’t held out much hope for the future of domestic solar installation. In addition to the reduction of the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) subsidies earlier this year, criticsm of the Green Deal was recently compounded in a roasting by the National Audit Office. Over the past year it’s become clear that public sector investment is drying up.


Solar Power Portal – Forrest floating solar feature

Paul McCarren, energy director at contractor Forrest, discusses why floating solar is a light at the end of the tunnel for the industry.

Floating solar represents a significant opportunity for the UK renewables sector. Not only can it overcome the planning challenges of ground mount arrays, floating solar actually makes panels more efficient and can help preserve water.


Housing Association Building and Maintenance – Biomass Feature

A Spotlight on Biomass

Paul McCarren, energy director at Forrest, explains why an increasing number of social housing providers are turning to biomass in an effort to cut customer energy bills, improve the value of property assets and further establish their sustainability credentials.