Our Commitment to the Environment

Forrest is a leading contractor working in the public and private sectors across the UK.

The Company’s core service offering of Construction (major projects) and Integrated Services (refurbishment, new build housing, energy services and responsive maintenance) is based on a series of long-term framework and partnership contracts.

Delivering reliable, customer focused works programmes, Forrest is helping clients make lasting improvements to their communities via works tied in with community investment and localised training programmes.

Environmental impacts are managed through our Environmental Management System accredited under ISO 14001. Every member of the team understands the impact of our operations and takes responsibility for protecting the environment. The Company is committed to continual improvement, the prevention of pollution and compliance with relevant environmental legislation and other associated requirements.

Forrest sets clear objective and targets throughout the year and is committed to developing in an environmentally conscious way by:

  • Reducing waste and increasing re-use and recycling
  • Increasing efficiency in the use of utilities
  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Improving efficiencies in our fleet
  • Improving the knowledge of all our employees regarding the environment and the impact both they and the business have on it
  • Continually reducing environmental impacts associated to our activities

The Company’s Environmental Policy forms the cornerstone of our environmental management system and is endorsed at the highest level within our organisation.




Andrew Falconer




Last review: September 2017

Next review: September 2018