The first phase of a new partnership has seen Forrest deliver a full turnkey solar PV solution at the Brooks Building, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Triangulum is a five year €25 million Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Union to demonstrate cutting-edge smart city technologies and roll them out across the globe. Over a five-year period, Triangulum will transform designated urban districts into smart quarters in three ‘lighthouse cities’ Manchester (UK), Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Stavanger (Norway). Concepts learnt will then be transferred to the ‘follower cities’ of Leipzig (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Sabadell (Spain) and Tianjin (China).

As well as delivering significant energy savings, the solar PV install at Birley campus is demonstrating how ‘smart green growth’ can reduce carbon emissions whilst boosting the economy. Led by Manchester City Council, the 157kW system will assist in transforming the ‘Manchester Corridor’, which contains around 72,000 students, into a smart city district.

Darroch Baker, Divisional Director at Forrest said “As a market leading innovator in the energy sector, Forrest is delighted to be partnering with Manchester City Council and Manchester Metropolitan University, as part of this international project. By being selected as a key Triangulum delivery partner, we are ideally positioned to drive energy efficiency in Manchester and across the UK”.

Mark Duncan, Resources and Programmes Lead at Manchester City Council stated “Triangulum is part of a portfolio of Smart City projects delivered by Manchester City Council.  The innovative energy and carbon saving measures developed here have the potential to be scaled up across the City, leading to further cost and energy savings”.

To view the solar PV drone footage click here.