Forrest considers that nothing is so important it cannot be done safely. The health, safety and long term wellbeing of our people and everyone else affected by our activities is fundamental to the success of our business.

Our policy and our collective vision, is to create an environment in which no one is harmed. We will achieve this by identifying the hazards and risks in our activities, by focusing on eliminating these risks wherever possible, and by establishing robust arrangements for the management of any that remain.

We are committed to continually improving our health, safety and wellbeing performance and will strive to eliminate serious accidents from our business. We believe that all injuries are preventable and that no one’s health and safety should be affected by our activities. We will establish and implement, across all of our divisional operations, an effective health and safety management system which defines our organisational arrangements, specifies our controls and provides an effective process of assurance.

We will set realistic health, safety and wellbeing objectives which will deliver fully the intent of this policy and we will comply at all times with Forrest directives, industry standards, health, and safety and welfare legislation as a minimum standard.

The implementation of our health and safety management system is a line management responsibility and will be implemented across all our premises owned or controlled and supported by functional specialists and relies upon competence, cooperation and commitment of all our people. The senior leadership team is committed to leading an improved performance and through their actions will positively influence the behaviours of people within our business. This will be achieved by:

  • Setting exemplar standards – by demonstrating our expectations through communication acting quickly to resolve important issues, ensuring our plant and equipment is fit for purpose and maintained. Continually improving our occupational health and safety management and performance, ensuring our people are competent by providing information, instruction and training to all our employees.


  • Being open about this commitmentby engaging face to face with our teams about health, safety & wellbeing giving honest feedback on concerns raised through consultation, communication and actively involving our people, partners and supply chain.  Confronting risk – by making sure that major risks are identified and managed properly, seeking employee, partners and supply chain participation and views on health, safety and wellbeing matters.


  • Being proactive allocating enough time and priority to safety initiatives ensuring protection against production, ensuring appropriate levels of safety resource and training is available, continually improving health awareness within the business and promoting our safety culture The responsibility for this policy ultimately lies with Forrest CEO of which the day to day management is delegated to senior management. All employees have a responsibility to comply with this policy and its associated arrangements.


Mark Nicholson

Forrest, CEO

Next Review: March 2019